Iconify just got a lot better

I really don't like wasting my time on trivial tasks, and managing icons in an Android app is one of them. Icons are images and as such, should be properly sized for ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and put into the right drawable folder of the app. This is extremely… »

Experimentation with RxJava

I finally had a chance to use RxJava in a new Android project. Before that, I've read the doc and a few articles about it, and then I made my own experimentations. This blog post is about one of them. I assume you're already familiar with the basics of RxJava.… »

Robust and readable architecture for an Android App, part 2

Note: This blog post assume you already read the first part. I received a lot of comments and feedbacks about it, mostly thanks to the Android Weekly community, so thank you all. Some of you noticed some weak spots in the architecture I described, or alternative solutions, others asked for… »

Robust and readable architecture for an Android App

Since the early days of Android, I've been looking for a robust way to build Android apps, keep the IO operations out of the UI Thread, avoid duplicated network calls, cache relevant things, update the cache at the right time, etc... with the cleaner syntax possible. This blog post won't… »